Mortar Release 2.5.6


Our endeavour revolves around democratizing marketing technology, with the aim of establishing an equitable platform for both enterprises and SMEs. This commitment is exemplified by the introduction of three feature enhancements and the incorporation of five novel features, collectively designed to empower businesses of varying sizes and capabilities

What’s New?

Feature Upgrades:

AI Analytics —> Segments —> Product category

1. Age Graph

The analysis of age demographics among our customer base serves as a valuable resource for businesses seeking to fine-tune their marketing strategies for distinct age groups. This data plays a pivotal role in enabling the creation of more personalized and efficacious marketing campaigns, ultimately resulting in heightened engagement levels and improved conversion rates.

2. Gender Graph

The examination of gender distribution provides businesses with valuable insights into the gender composition of their customer base. This information serves as a foundation for refining marketing campaigns and messaging to better align with the preferences and characteristics of different gender demographics, ultimately enhancing campaign effectiveness.

3. Top 5 & Bottom 5 Products Graph

3.1 Top 5

This graphical representation showcases the products that have demonstrated exceptional performance in terms of revenue or quantity sold over a specified timeframe. It offers valuable insights into customer preferences and serves as a catalyst for driving sales by spotlighting the highest-selling items in the inventory.

3.2 Bottom 5

This graphical representation delineates products that have exhibited lower performance in terms of revenue or quantity sold over a designated timeframe. It offers a succinct and informative overview of products that are performing less optimally, equipping users with the necessary information to make informed decisions pertaining to inventory management and marketing strategies.

New Features:

Klaviyo to Mortar One Way List Sync Process

Klaviyo serves as a specialized email marketing and automation platform meticulously tailored for e-commerce enterprises. This platform empowers businesses to proficiently craft, oversee, and automate email marketing campaigns, thereby fostering enhanced customer engagement and bolstered sales. Klaviyo excels in delivering personalized and precisely targeted email communications, adeptly aligning content with customer behaviour and preferences.

1. Klaviyo to Mortar

In this latest release, we introduce a pivotal feature that allows users to seamlessly synchronize lists from Klaviyo to Mortar. This Klaviyo to Mortar List Sync functionality empowers users to efficiently transfer a selected list from Klaviyo to Mortar. It’s important to note that the List Sync capability is confined to the creation of a synchronization process, either from an existing list or a new list within Klaviyo, to a new or empty list within Mortar. It’s essential to emphasize that this synchronization process operates unidirectionally, transferring profiles exclusively from Klaviyo to Mortar.

2. Export option for Campaign Reporting

In this latest release, we are pleased to introduce an array of enhanced data export capabilities, affording you greater command over your analytics dashboard. You now possess the flexibility to export data in two distinct formats: PDF reports and CSV tables. This customization empowers you to tailor your dashboard to emphasize your key metrics and conveniently access detailed graphical representations.

Our commitment to data integrity is unwavering, and we ensure that all exported data is impeccably formatted and readily available for your use. To enhance user experience, we have also proactively addressed scenarios where no data is present. In such instances, the export option is disabled, and we provide concise explanations to guide you.

For dashboards that may be devoid of content, we offer clear instructions on customization, enabling you to configure your dashboard according to your specific needs. Furthermore, in the event that a metric becomes invalid, our dashboard takes a proactive approach by either concealing it or displaying an error message, ensuring the reliability of data access.

3. Campaign Dropdown List Enhancement with Individual Campaigns and Date Range Selection

In this latest release, we have implemented notable enhancements to optimize the campaign selection process, ultimately resulting in a smoother user experience. When accessing the campaign dropdown, you will immediately observe that ‘All campaigns’ is now pre-selected as the default option, simplifying the initial steps of your interaction.

Furthermore, we have diligently expanded the dropdown to encompass all available individual campaigns. This comprehensive inclusion enables swift and direct access to your desired campaign by selecting it from the list. Upon making your selection within the dropdown, whether it be an individual campaign or ‘All campaigns,’ the interface seamlessly updates in real time to reflect your choice. These improvements have been meticulously designed to grant you complete control and visibility over your campaign selection, significantly enhancing the efficiency of your workflow.

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