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Facing challenges with audience targeting and the demise of third-party cookies?

First-party data is the new gold in digital marketing. Mortar Marketing offers an affordable, easy-to-use solution for agencies. Leverage first-party look-a-like technology, boost campaign performance with predictive analytics and real-time data integration, and gain direct access to programmatic trade desks.

Increased ROI

A unique end-to-end solution

Use first-party data to improve your clients’ existing customer retention whilst gaining new customers in a cookie-less world.

Predictive Customer Insights

With a wealth of customer analytics, identify prime target markets for upselling and spot potential churn before it happens.

Drive Growth with Look-a-like Targeting

Unlock the power of look-a-like audiences mirroring your most engaged customers, to fuel acquisition and elevate growth to drive superior ROI.


Leverage first-party data to send the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Fuel Increased Engagement

Seamless integration with Klaviyo/Mailchimp to strengthen customer connections and identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Detailed Client Reporting

Effortlessly create insightful client reports and uncover data-driven marketing insights that pave the way for smarter decisions.

What we offer

All-in-one platform


Collects real-time data from multiple sources to create an accurate customer profile, unifying your data to empower your organisation's marketing capabilities.

Marketing Automation Platform

Enables hyper-personalisation of conversations through multiple channels with known customers and builds complex user journeys to enhance customer engagement and sales.

Programmatic Media Buying

Provides direct access to programmatic digital media buying, enabling agencies to deliver highly personalised campaigns targeted at the ideal audience.

Transform your Clients’ data mess into a miracle

Harness the potential of your data to achieve your goals

Why Choose Us

Access Over 450 DSPs Platforms Worldwide

Integrate your DSPs with our unique automated technology for buying programmatic media.


Mortar AI offers agencies a comprehensive solution to improve their performance and revenue.

Mortar AI offers agencies a complete suite of tools and insights to centralise clients’ first-party data, improve advertising ROI, streamline operations, ensure compliance and empower creativity— ultimately leading to better client outcomes and business results.


Mortar AI provides a robust and scalable data infrastructure powered by AI and machine learning to cleanse, organise and securely handle first-party client data, providing one source of truth and a single view of their customer


Mortar AI provides agencies with valuable insights for strategic decision-making while automating workflows across marketing channels, boosting productivity, increasing ROAS and reducing reliance on developers and data engineers


Use first-party data to buy directly from over 450 trade desks simply and efficiently through Mortar AI


Agencies can use first-party customer data to execute hyper-personalised marketing campaigns for improved targeting, personalisation, and reduced ad spend waste


Use first-party data to build audiences that look like your high-value customers and target them through digital channels to acquire new business.


The platform ensures compliance with privacy regulations, helping agencies navigate the evolving landscape of consumer privacy and data governance.


Mortar AI allows agencies to build stronger client relationships by adding to their service offering while integrating deeper into their client’s business.


The platform offers training, onboarding support, dedicated account management and powerful insights to optimise performance and bottom-line results.


By reducing the time spent on data management, Mortar AI enables agency teams to focus on creative and strategic efforts, ultimately driving client growth and success.

Bring Your Data Together

Supercharge your Workflow and Maximise Results


Collect customer data through client-side and server-side collection systems.


Collect customer data through client-side and server-side collection systems on your website, mobile app data, point-of-sale systems in your store or customer record management systems for your Customer Data Platform.


Define who your audience is from trusted data sources.


Define who your audience is from trusted data sources. Stop using third-party data definitions and get control over your customer data by standardising your own customer data for an efficient Customer Data Platform.


Customer data transformed into individual customer profiles.


In this stage, all your customer data will be transformed into individual customer profiles that are enhanced to be efficiently managed through audiences to be distributed at customer experience endpoints.

Single View

All you customers data in real-time from a single source.

Single View

Update your customers in real-time with the same information using APIs and Integrations on your Customer Data Platform. Inform all your customers on various social media sites or email service providers from a single source.


Right message to the right person at the right time.


Segment your customers and drive campaigns efficiently to a targeted audience within your existing database. Right message to the right person at the right time.


Create your own digital media campaigns.


Create digital media campaigns with our algorithmic software. Buy directly through ad exchanges. Use traffic data and online targeting for better ROI.

Mortar AI Marketing Automation | CDP Customer Data Platform

Mortar AI has everything you need to master your data! From a fresh CDP, customer data platform to a sleek marketing automation platform.

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Mortar Marketing is an all-in-one Marketing Automation Platform designed to meet the needs of digital media agencies and marketing companies.