Mortar Release 2.5.1


The Mortar AI Portal serves as our data-driven product, and it is imperative that we uphold elevated standards of customer loyalty. Implementing these modifications is of paramount importance in our pursuit of enhancing customer engagement.

What’s New?

1. Enhancing Decision-Making with Lifetime Purchase Value Insights

The lifetime purchase value represents the mean anticipated revenue a customer is expected to generate throughout their ongoing association with the company. This critical metric is now prominently displayed within the “My Customers” list view, enhancing the user experience and furnishing business owners with readily accessible insights to inform their decision-making processes.

2. Empowering Agencies with White Labeling in the Mortar Portal

White labelling is an integral feature of the Mortar Portal, enabling agencies to align the platform with their unique requirements and brand identity while effectively addressing their Customer Data Platform (CDP), media buying, and marketing automation necessities. This enhancement enhances the adaptability of the Mortar platform, making it well-prepared for market launch and agency onboarding, thanks to the white labelling capability it offers.

3. Seamless Integration: Omnisend Enriches Mortarai Data Analysis Capabilities

Omnisend Integration: Integrations stand as a fundamental pillar of any robust platform, and within the context of Mortarai, they hold particular significance. They facilitate the seamless flow of data from diverse platforms employed by a substantial portion of our client base into our Customer Data Platform (CDP), subsequently enriching and subjecting the data to in-depth analysis. Notably, we have successfully integrated Omnisend, a prominent E-commerce email marketing and SMS platform, into our system. This integration now affords Omnisend clients and agencies the opportunity for streamlined onboarding onto the Mortarai platform.

What’s Better?

1. Elevating User Experience: Enhanced “My Customers” Section with Advanced Features

The “My Customers” section, designed to offer an exhaustive overview of customer profiles, has undergone significant enhancements. These improvements include the integration of advanced search, sorting, and filtration functionalities, elevating the overall usability of the section. Furthermore, users now have the capability to export meticulously customized and filtered data, adding to the enhanced utility of this feature.

2. Optimizing Campaign Precision: Enhanced Programmatic Media Buying

The effectiveness of programmatic digital media buying has been significantly heightened through the introduction of enhanced audience targeting capabilities and the ability to

establish diverse campaign parameters. These advancements are instrumental in optimizing campaign reach and have been seamlessly integrated into an improved campaign settings page for enhanced functionality.

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