Mortar Release 2.5.5


Our mission centres on democratizing marketing technology to establish a balanced and equitable landscape for both enterprises and SMEs. This endeavour encompasses the implementation of three feature enhancements and the introduction of five new features, collectively designed to empower businesses of all sizes.

What’s New?

Feature Upgrades:

1. Detailed Programmatic Media reporting – 3 New Charts

Enhance the performance of your campaigns by leveraging our cutting-edge programmatic media reporting tool for real-time optimization. Access invaluable insights through dynamic charts that analyse Engagement Time versus page views, monitor Financial Performance metrics, and present Cost and Revenue comparisons. This empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions on the fly, optimizing your campaign’s efficacy and ensuring superior outcomes.

2. Detailed Programmatic Media reporting – Percentage change

Maintain a superior grasp of your metrics through the Percentage Change Tracker, an advanced system that empowers you to effortlessly oversee and analyse variations over time. This innovative tool presents exact percentage changes (%) alongside each metric, placing a strong emphasis on precision by methodically computing changes in relation to historical data.

3. Enhance my procurement strategy (Branding and performance)

Introducing Enhanced Branding Strategy Options: Elevate the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns with a range of tailored approaches. You can select from various strategies, including Optimal Price (Dynamic CPM) for automated bidding with bid shading, Bid Flat (Fixed CPM) for bid multiplier implementation, Maximize Viewability Rate to strike the right balance between visibility and cost, or Minimize Viewable CPM for precise impression optimization.

For those seeking performance-focused solutions, options include Drive to Site (CPC) for cost-efficient clicks and Drive with Quality (CPC quality) to minimize bounce rates and enhance traffic quality. Access customizable input fields to refine strategy values and amplify the impact of your campaign. Achieve advertising excellence through strategic precision.

4. Display example format when an invalid URL is inserted

In the event of an improperly formatted URL entry, a distinct error message will be prominently displayed, indicating the invalidity of the provided URL. To assist users, this error message will also feature an illustrative example of a valid URL format, such as, for reference and guidance.

New Features:

1. Customer Segment by Product Category

Within the existing portal infrastructure, we have extended user capabilities from segmenting customers solely based on RFMT data. Building upon this functionality, users are now empowered to segment customers by product category. This enhancement equips business owners with the ability to discern specific target markets, gain deeper insights into customer behaviour, enhance product management strategies, and identify competitive advantages within their offerings.

2. Klaviyo Integrations

Klaviyo stands as an email marketing and automation platform meticulously crafted for e-commerce enterprises. Its primary objective is to empower businesses in crafting, overseeing, and automating email marketing campaigns, ultimately fostering customer engagement and driving sales. Klaviyo’s distinctive strength lies in its capacity to offer highly personalized and precisely targeted email communications, grounded in customer behaviour and preferences.

In this release, we introduce the provision of an API key, facilitating seamless connectivity with Klaviyo. This integration is accomplished through Airbyte, enhancing the overall communication and data exchange capabilities within the platform.

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