Future-Proof Your Agency: A Deep Dive into Programmatic with Mortar

Future-Proof Your Agency: A Deep Dive into Programmatic with Mortar

In an ever-changing advertising landscape, programmatic buying has become a cornerstone for agencies aiming to deliver efficient and targeted campaigns. Mortar AI’s advanced demand side platform (DSP) is revolutionising the way agencies approach programmatic advertising, providing them with the tools to future-proof their strategies.

Streamlined Media Buying:

Mortar AI simplifies the process of buying media directly from over 450 trade desks, using first-party data to drive efficiency and effectiveness in programmatic ad buying. This direct access to AdForm through Mortar AI allows agencies to manage campaigns and reporting with ease, increasing their service offerings and driving media revenue growth for their clients.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

With Mortar AI’s Customer Data Platform, agencies can leverage first-party data to make informed decisions in real-time bidding environments, ensuring that ads are delivered to the most relevant audiences. This improved targeting creates higher efficiency and ROI, saving dollars for the client and increasing trust and business.

Cost Efficiency:

Mortar AI offers competitive rates for media buying, allowing agencies to maximise their clients’ budgets and achieve higher return on ad spend (ROAS). The platform’s intelligent marketing interface and automated workflows enable hyper-personalised targeting with the push of a button, making communication through email or SMS cheaper than paid ads.

Adapting to Market Changes:

Mortar AI’s platform is designed to adapt to the evolving programmatic landscape, ensuring that agencies can stay ahead of industry trends and continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions to their clients. The platform’s predictive analytics simplifies customer retention strategies, allowing agencies to automate their campaigns and manage them with ease.

In conclusion, Mortar AI’s demand side platform is a powerful tool for agencies looking to enhance their programmatic advertising capabilities. By leveraging data-driven insights, streamlined media buying processes, and predictive analytics, agencies can future-proof their strategies and continue to deliver exceptional results in a dynamic market.

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