Personalisation in Marketing Automation


Beyond Generic: The Power of Personalisation in Automated Marketing

In a digital world awash with marketing messages, personalisation emerges as the beacon that can cut through the noise. By tailoring interactions based on individual preferences and behaviors, marketers can create resonant experiences that foster loyalty and drive conversions.

The Shift from Mass to One-on-One: Gone are the days when generic email blasts sufficed. Today’s consumers are more discerning and expect more. They seek experiences that acknowledge their unique needs and preferences. This shift from mass communication to one-on-one engagement is the cornerstone of modern marketing.

Crafting Tailored Experiences: Every interaction, click, purchase, and feedback offers a glimpse into the consumer’s world. By harnessing this data, marketers can craft messages that truly resonate. For instance, acknowledging a recent purchase with product care tips not only adds value but also enhances post-purchase satisfaction.

Mortar’s Mastery in Personalisation: At Mortar Marketing, we understand the power and potential of personalisation. Our platform, in seamless collaboration with Klaviyo, offers marketers the tools they need to bring personalisation to life. From automating data-driven insights to crafting tailored campaigns, Mortar ensures every touchpoint, whether it’s an SMS, email, or in-app notification, is not just timely but deeply relevant and resonant.

The Tangible Impact: Personalisation transcends the realm of mere aesthetics and feel-good factors. It brings with it tangible business outcomes:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Marketers leveraging Mortar’s personalisation capabilities report improved open and click-through rates.
  • Conversion Boost: Tailored messages translate to more effective call-to-actions, leading to improved conversion rates.
  • Strengthened Loyalty: Personalisation fosters a sense of value, strengthening brand loyalty and ensuring customer retention.

In the intricate tapestry of digital marketing, personalisation is the thread that adds vibrancy and value. And as automation tools, like those offered by Mortar Marketing, become more sophisticated, the true art and challenge lie in ensuring that technology enhances the human touch, rather than overshadowing it.

Experience Personalisation with Precision: Curious about how Mortar Marketing’s features can redefine your personalisation strategies? Dive into our world of tailored interactions, where each message is crafted with precision, backed by data, and designed to resonate.

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