Cross-Device Targeting in Programmatic


Navigating the Multi-Device Maze: Advanced Strategies in Cross-Device Targeting

The modern user is not tethered to a single device. From smartphones to tablets, laptops to smart TVs, the digital journey is fragmented. For advertisers, this presents both a challenge and an opportunity.

Deciphering the Digital Journey:

  • Fragmented Footprints: Users might begin their journey on a smartphone, switch to a desktop, and finalise a transaction on a tablet.
  • Unified Customer Profiles: Platforms integrating data across devices provide a holistic view of the user. This consolidated profile forms the foundation of effective cross-device targeting.

Strategic Targeting Challenges:

  • Consistency: Ensuring that the messaging remains consistent across devices while optimising for device-specific user behaviours.
  • Attribution: Determining which device played a pivotal role in conversion becomes complex in a multi-device environment.

Mastering Cross-Device Strategies:

  • Sequential Messaging: Crafting campaigns where messages evolve across devices, guiding the user through the conversion funnel.
  • Behaviour-Driven Triggers: Deploying ads based on user behaviour, ensuring relevancy. For instance, a user researching products on a desktop might receive a special offer on their smartphone.

Mortar Marketing: Championing Cross-Device Excellence: Navigating the multi-device maze requires a partner that understands its intricacies. Mortar Marketing, with its advanced suite of tools, offers advertisers the precision they seek. From creating unified customer profiles to crafting device-optimised campaigns, Mortar stands as a beacon in the cross-device landscape. Moreover, Mortar’s cutting-edge Customer Data Platform (CDP) boasts unparalleled matching capabilities, ensuring that every touchpoint, across every device, is not just tracked but optimised for maximum impact.

Cross-device targeting is not just about reaching users on multiple devices; it’s about delivering cohesive, compelling, and conversion-focused experiences. As technology continues to evolve, advertisers equipped with advanced cross-device strategies, like those offered by Mortar Marketing, will lead the pack.

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