A Comparative Analysis: Navigating the Titans of Australia’s Programmatic Platforms


Decoding Australia’s Programmatic Landscape: DV360, The Trade Desk, StackAdapt, and Criteo vs Mortar!

In Australia’s dynamic programmatic landscape, several platforms stand tall. But how do they measure up against each other? Dive in as we dissect the industry’s titans.

DV360 (Display & Video 360):


  • Unified Solution: Integrates planning, creative, buying, and measurement.
  • Advanced Targeting: Leverages Google’s data reservoir for precision targeting.
  • Transparent Reporting: Real-time analytics and insights.
  • Costing: Operates on a percentage-of-spend model, which varies based on ad spend and negotiation.

The Trade Desk:


  • Omnichannel Capabilities: Provides tools for various ad types, from audio to native to video.
  • Data-Centric Approach: Offers advanced audience discovery and targeting.
  • Flexible APIs: Facilitates custom integrations and solutions.
  • Costing: Typically operates on a CPM basis, with costs varying depending on ad type and targeting specifics.



  • Native Advertising Focus: Specialises in native ad placements.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Known for its user-friendly dashboard and tools.
  • Integrated Learning: Uses AI to refine campaign strategies over time.
  • Costing: Operates on both CPM and CPC models, depending on campaign specifics.



  • Retargeting Specialist: Primarily known for its retargeting capabilities.
  • Dynamic Creative Optimisation: Adapts ads in real-time based on user behaviour.
  • Vast Publisher Network: Access to a wide range of publishers and ad spaces.
  • Costing: Primarily a CPC model, with rates varying based on targeting and ad types.


Mortar Marketing’s SaaS platform was a curation of over 3 years of advanced tech research and in house algorithms that not only act as one of the most efficient and effective Demand Side Platforms on the market today, but also acts as a one stop solution for all your data needs.

From an advanced customer data platform to marketing automation tools; From a demand side platform to a data management platform, Mortar Marketing offers it all!

While each platform offers unique strengths, the choice hinges on an advertiser’s specific needs, desired features, and budget constraints. By understanding the nuances of platforms like DV360, The Trade Desk, StackAdapt, and Criteo, advertisers can make informed decisions tailored to their specific goals.

Mortar Marketing – The Game-Changer: Mortar Marketing, though a newer entrant, has rapidly cemented its position in the programmatic arena. Incorporating features found across competing DMPs and enhancing them with its innovative approach, Mortar provides unparalleled value. Buying media with Mortar is akin to direct factory floor purchases, ensuring quality without the markup.

Mortar’s Integrated Advantage: Mortar Marketing’s unique blend of an AI-powered Customer Data Platform, coupled with an array of industry-leading marketing automation tools, sets it apart. It’s not just about programmatic efficiency; it’s about extracting the maximum potential from your data.

Experience the Mortar Advantage: Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? But words only go so far. Experience the transformative power of Mortar Marketing firsthand. Whether you’re a seasoned advertiser looking for an edge or exploring the programmatic landscape, a demo with Mortar will redefine your expectations.

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