From Fragmented Data to Unified Insights: The Power of SaaS CDPs for Agencies  


Harnessing the Power of SaaS CDPs: A Revolution in Data-Driven Marketing for Media Agencies  

In the digital age, data is the lifeblood of effective marketing. It offers media agencies unparalleled insights into their audience, paving the way for informed, data-driven decisions that elevate marketing outcomes.  

While platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and e-commerce sites are treasure troves of customer data, the challenge lies in unifying this fragmented information. Traditional data management systems often fall short, leaving valuable insights siloed and underutilised.  

Enter SaaS CDPs (Software-as-a-Service Customer Data Platforms). These cloud-based platforms, like Mortar AI, are transforming the marketing landscape by offering a consolidated view of customer data. Beyond the advantages of cost-effectiveness, rapid deployment, and scalability, SaaS CDPs empower agencies with:  

  • Holistic Data Collection:

    With third-party cookies rapidly becoming obsolete, a unified first-party database is paramount. SaaS CDPs merge data from diverse channels, offering a singular view of the customer.  
  • Real-Time Customer Insights:

    Platforms like Mortar AI integrate seamlessly with existing marketing tools, analysing data in real-time. This enables agencies to identify behavioural trends and swiftly adapt their strategies with agility. 
  • AI-Driven Marketing Prowess:

    Integrated with marketing automation tools, SaaS CDPs leverage AI to craft campaigns tailored to customer insights. From email campaigns to social media ads, personalisation is at the forefront.  

But the marvels of SaaS CDPs don’t stop there.  

Mortar AI takes it to the next level, employing machine learning to segment audiences and identify:  

  • Top Spenders – Prioritise retention strategies for those driving the bulk of purchases.  
  • Loyal Customers – Celebrate and incentivise those who consistently choose your brand.  
  • Recent First-Time Purchasers – Engage with customers offering them tailored recommendations and exclusive offers to encourage repeat business.  
  • Customers Likely to Churn – Proactively address potential churn with enticing, relevant offers.  
  • High ROI Customers – Amplify your marketing efforts, focussing on those delivering the best returns.  

In the fiercely competitive digital landscape, leveraging first-party data is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Data-driven marketing, powered by platforms like Mortar AI, allows agencies to delve deeper into their audience psyche, crafting strategies that are relevant, resonate and deliver.  

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