What are customer data platforms (CDPs)


So what exactly are CDPs?

Customer data platforms or CDPs are marketing technology capable of unifying your customer databases into one, single place. CDPs collect and consolidate data from multiple sources like your website, CRM, accounting software, store, email marketing automation tools, and communication devices in real-time to create an accurate customer profile. This data can then be further segmented into an endless number of ways to create more personalised marketing campaigns and experiences. When combined with other technologies, the resulting data is unified and empowers your organisation’s marketing capabilities.

So how do CDPs differ from CRM and DMP?


Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a technology for managing all of your company’s interactions and relationships with customers and potential customers.

CRMs and CDPs both collect customer data, but the main difference is that CRMs organise and manage customer-facing interactions with your organisation, while CDPs collect data on customer behaviour with your product or service automatically. For high-level business decisions, CDPs excel at managing and understanding all of your customers’ data. And this data can be used by all departments, not just the sales team.


Data Management Platforms, or DMPs, are platforms that store digital data, such as customer data, such as cookies, campaign data, or mobile identifiers. DMPs assist marketers in creating customer segments, such as location or past browsing behaviour, based on collected customer data.

However, with the death of cookies, this is where CDPs come in triumphantly.

DMPs primarily collect third-party data from sources such as cookies and temporarily store them. In contrast, CDPs concentrate on first-party data.

What are some features of customer data platforms?

At Mortar, our customer data platform is designed to make you the master of your data.

Here are some features of our customer data platform:

  1. Collect first-party data from Customer Relationship Management (CRM), demographic data  from your websites, web analytics, mobile analytics and more.
  2. Connect with third-party applications to collect data from event data from our marketing automation system, ad audiences, and more.
  3. Marketers and business users can both configure the system.
  4. Connection between various sources of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as the website, point-of-sale, and mobile application.
  5. Tools for connecting to the database and extracting data from it so that you can discover insights via data visualisation and interactive dashboards.

So, now that you understand what a CDP is, some of its features, and how it can support your marketing efforts across multiple channels with accurate data, let’s get the show started!

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