SaaS CDP vs. CRM: Decoding the Best Fit for Media Agencies  


SaaS CDP vs. CRM: Navigating the Nuances for Media Agencies  

In the evolving landscape of data-driven marketing, understanding the tools at your disposal is paramount. Two such tools, often mistaken for one another, are SaaS CDPs and CRMs. Both are instrumental for agencies and advertisers, but they serve distinct purposes.  

SaaS CDP (Customer Data Platform): This is a software solution that aggregates, harmonises, and activates customer data from diverse sources, such as websites, mobile apps, and even offline transactions. Its primary function is to offer a consolidated view of customers across various touchpoints. While it can be intricate due to the sheer volume of data and integrations, its strength lies in delivering potent, personalised customer experiences.  

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): This software focuses on managing customer interactions and relationships. It’s equipped with features like contact management, lead tracking, sales forecasting, and reporting.  

Distinguishing Features:  


  • SaaS CDP: Designed to amalgamate and unify data for a holistic customer view.  
  • CRM: Primarily used by sales teams to oversee customer interactions and monitor the sales trajectory.  

Data Management:  

  • SaaS CDP: Merges data from varied sources, both online and offline. It boasts advanced features like data cleansing, normalisation, and identity resolution.  
  • CRM: Primarily manages data related to sales or marketing, capturing details like contact information and purchase history.  

Real-time Data Processing:  

  • SaaS CDP: Built for real-time data, enabling instantaneous insights into customer behavior and facilitating real-time responses.  
  • CRM: While capable of handling some real-time data, it’s generally more static and less agile than a SaaS CDP.  


  • SaaS CDP: Ideal for campaigns with extensive customer interactions, designed to process vast data volumes.  
  • CRM: More suited for smaller businesses with simpler data needs.  


  • SaaS CDP: Offers advanced analytics and reporting features for deeper customer insights.  
  • CRM: Provides basic reporting, often less comprehensive than a SaaS CDP.  

Integration Capabilities:  

  • SaaS CDP: Typically boasts a broader range of third-party integrations, connecting to a plethora of marketing and sales tools.  
  • CRM: While it offers some integrations, they’re generally not as extensive.  

In conclusion, while both tools are invaluable, their suitability hinges on your specific needs. To explore how Mortar Marketing can refine your agency’s approach, engage with our specialists or book a demo today.  

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